Live Studio

Provides professional lighting system, lens set up, audio equipment and interior design planning services. With our video stream technology, you can broadcast the HD live video worldwide, also can save your time and cost.

Internet Defense Services

With smart and adaptive threat defense, our internet defense system can protect confidential information effectively and minimize the possible harms when have internet loopholes. Also, can increase your business’s internet dynamic perception and limit the spread and horizontal movement of hackers and malicious code.


《奥创娱乐》为亚洲地区博弈智识、资讯交流的指标性 平台,宗旨是成为一个全面、透明、公开的游戏娱乐资 讯的传播枢纽。 《奥创娱乐》目前提供产品上架、品牌介绍、品牌专访、各分页footer logo、网页闲置轮播广告、全站弹窗广告、产业动态新闻、 Sidebar轮播广告、 平台介绍置顶轮播广告、脸书和IG广告……等服务。