India is an emerging market that the world is paying attention to. In a country with a large population and rapid development, the gaming industry is going to develop as well. The sport that has been developing for thousands of years is also a common type of local game. Today, I will introduce the sports games that Indians are passionate about.


Asians may not be familiar with cricket, but there is no doubt that cricket is the second popular in the world. Especially in India, the local people here are madly keen on this sport that you cannot even imagine.

There are 1.4 billion people in India, at least 85% of them are following cricket matches. The market can reach up to 360 billion U.S. dollars,  includes television broadcast, advertising, and competition revenue.

The Indian Super Cricket League (IPL) is a favored match for locals betting. Although IPL was just established in a few years, it is the most-watched cricket league in the world. It is also the professional sports league with the second-highest salary in the world after the NBA in the United States. The profits behind IPL are high and terrible.

The most popular platforms for Indian players to place bets include bet365, 10Cric, and Betway, etc. These platforms are one of the few sports gaming sites that accept Indian rupee (INR) deposits with credit cards and other payment methods.

It also provides the best IPL odds, which is the first choice of players.


As I mentioned above, besides the achievements of the Indian Super Cricket League (IPL), Indian is also seeking to achieve the same success in football.

In addition to the top football league of the Indian Super League (ISL ), there is also I-League, the Indian Football League.

The Indian Super League (ISL) is composed of 10 franchised teams. There is no promotion or relegation system. It is also well known locally.

Usually held from October to December, a double round-robin is being used to determine the championship in the playoffs, it has a cooperative relationship with IPL and Major League Soccer.

It has a cooperative relationship with IPL and Major League Soccer.

The I-League (I-League) is the top Indian football league coexisting with ISL. The League was established in 2007.

In the form of two rounds of host and guest, 20 matches will be played. This league also replaced the original Indian National Football League.

There are currently 10 teams similar to ISL, and the bottom two teams will be relegated. The champion can participate in the Asian Football Association Cup.

Local football game players usually use platforms such as Betway, 22BET, COME ON!, BET365, 10cric, etc.

The reason is roughly the same as that of cricket players.


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Although there are legal casinos in this country, Vietnam has established strict laws on gambling. Based on the law, Vietnamese citizens are not allowed to access, only tourists and foreigners can enter the local casino.

Therefore, if the locals want to gamble, they must cross the border to Cambodia, which is tremendously time-consuming, laborious and also troublesome to carry or deposit the profits from gambling.

Under these conditions, underground casinos and online gambling have become widespread, and flourished in Vietnam.

In addition to buying lottery tickets, Vietnamese people like board and card games the most, and this is also the bulk of local online gaming platforms.

The following are the popular online board games in Vietnam.


Texas Hold’em:

No matter where, when it comes to chess and card games, the first thing that comes to mind will be Texas Hold’em!

Can rely on skills and experience to win bonuses from other players, the gameplay can be won easily.

This classic game is also immensely played in Vietnam.


Pot Limit Omaha (Omaha Poker):

Begun from Texas Hold’em, and its popularity is somehow the same as Texas Hold’em.

The main gameplay is quite similar to Texas Hold’em. The main difference between these two is the number of cards in the hole.

While Omaha has four hole cards, Texas Hold’em are two hole cards. The card type has more possibilities but also needs technology and concepts.


7 Card Stud:

Seven Card Stud is a traditional poker game. Each player will get 7 cards in each hand and use 5 of them to form the best card type.

The difference of other poker games is that Seven Card Stud has a fixed betting limit. In other words, the casino sets an upper limit on the player’s bet amount, so players cannot all in.


Five Card Draw:

The classic poker game, its popularity is due to simple rules. Each player is required to deal with a five-hole card. The player can change the card if they want. The player with the largest number of cards in the group is the winner.


Pai Gow Poker:

This game combines poker and ancient Chinese Pai Gow, which uses 53 cards (including an ace Joker) and deals 7 cards to each player.

Players should divide these 7 cards into 2 and 5 with the largest cards, and the 5-card deck must be greater than the 2-card deck.

Both sets of cards must be higher than the dealer’s two sets of cards to win. It is a game type that emphasizes both luck and skill.


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Like most Southeastern countries, Thailand has strict regulations on gambling. Physical casinos are banned in Thailand. A poker card is not allowed to play in public as well. And even have a law that states that people cannot have more than two decks of playing cards.

The only two legal forms of gambling in Thailand are horse racing games and the national lottery, particularly lottery tickets are exceptionally popular.

Although most types of gambling are prohibited, this does not prevent people from continuing to engage in gambling activities.

A local study indicated that as many as 70% of the population have the habit of gambling regularly. This is why online gaming can exist and serve for a long time.

As Thais cannot go to physical casinos to play classic casino games, for locals, online live baccarat is indeed more attractive to them.

The live casino platforms commonly used by locals in Thailand are:



Assuredly, in addition to the well-known sports game project, 1xBet now has a large number of online live casinos.

What’s even more powerful is that gamblers in almost all countries can accept them all.



A platform that supports multiple languages, currencies, and payment methods, and is also dominated by sports games.

But it also provides slot machines, live casinos, virtual sports, and other games to meet various needs.

The live baccarat in it also has two ways to play an evolution game and Asian game!



Bitstarz is one of the largest online casino platforms. The live games provided by Ezugi, which often develop live casino games. Additionally, to live baccarat, there are currently four live dealer games with more than 170 live dealer tables.



BETWINNER provides a wide selection of online casino games. If one of its most prominent features is mentioned, which means everything it provides is wide.

The withdrawal is fast and the odds are high. There are about 90 choices in the live casino alone.



A platform designed with the theme of air travel, but do not underestimate it because of its cutesy style. Casoo has a rich game database.

For the live casino individual, more than 200 live tables were provided by 8 top suppliers.


※The copyright of this article belongs to Ultra EGaming, strictly prohibited to reprint ※

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