Southeast Asia White Label- Popular online board games in Vietnam

Although there are legal casinos in this country, Vietnam has established strict laws on gambling. Based on the law, Vietnamese citizens are not allowed to access, only tourists and foreigners can enter the local casino.

Therefore, if the locals want to gamble, they must cross the border to Cambodia, which is tremendously time-consuming, laborious and also troublesome to carry or deposit the profits from gambling.

Under these conditions, underground casinos and online gambling have become widespread, and flourished in Vietnam.

In addition to buying lottery tickets, Vietnamese people like board and card games the most, and this is also the bulk of local online gaming platforms.

The following are the popular online board games in Vietnam.


Texas Hold’em:

No matter where, when it comes to chess and card games, the first thing that comes to mind will be Texas Hold’em!

Can rely on skills and experience to win bonuses from other players, the gameplay can be won easily.

This classic game is also immensely played in Vietnam.


Pot Limit Omaha (Omaha Poker):

Begun from Texas Hold’em, and its popularity is somehow the same as Texas Hold’em.

The main gameplay is quite similar to Texas Hold’em. The main difference between these two is the number of cards in the hole.

While Omaha has four hole cards, Texas Hold’em are two hole cards. The card type has more possibilities but also needs technology and concepts.


7 Card Stud:

Seven Card Stud is a traditional poker game. Each player will get 7 cards in each hand and use 5 of them to form the best card type.

The difference of other poker games is that Seven Card Stud has a fixed betting limit. In other words, the casino sets an upper limit on the player’s bet amount, so players cannot all in.


Five Card Draw:

The classic poker game, its popularity is due to simple rules. Each player is required to deal with a five-hole card. The player can change the card if they want. The player with the largest number of cards in the group is the winner.


Pai Gow Poker:

This game combines poker and ancient Chinese Pai Gow, which uses 53 cards (including an ace Joker) and deals 7 cards to each player.

Players should divide these 7 cards into 2 and 5 with the largest cards, and the 5-card deck must be greater than the 2-card deck.

Both sets of cards must be higher than the dealer’s two sets of cards to win. It is a game type that emphasizes both luck and skill.


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